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St. Barths Travel Guide - A Day on an Island Oasis

 - St. Barths Travel Guide - A Day on an Island Oasis

9am– Cafe au lait & croissant at Bar de L’oubli. Don’t think healthy. Just Enjoy!

10am – Stroll through the Gustavia harbor to check out yachts and the Wallhouse Museum

11am – Shop a new bikini or dress for the evening, finding the St Barths goddess in you.

1pm – Hungry? Stop by at L’isoletta for a Meter of the best pizza in town/island/world.  

2pm – Pick one of the paradise-like beaches for some relax. Tune into music, read a book and soak up the bathtub like, blue ocean. Don’t forget your favorite sunscreen

4pm – More pampering time! Take a new shape with the 360 facial at the Guanahani Spa. The Japanese/French technique will wipe 10 years off your face. Instantly.

6pm – Now glowing, throw a Kimono over your bikini and hit the bar at Eden Rock for a coupe de champagne. 

9pm – Dress up for dinner at L’isola. Best Italian on the island. Order Parmigiana, Spaghetti Vongole & Langustini – don’t forget the cheesecake for dessert, their own version of the all-American desert. Highly addictive. 

12pm – Dance the night away in the now turned L’isola lounge with the singer Forlenzo and the beats of  “Love is in the Air’

What you really need – A tan, a bikini, a kimono, high heels & dresses, dresses, dresses.

Forget – Healthy lifestyle, workout clothes, cashmere sweaters, comfy shoes or clothes.

Bonus factor – A toned beach body, sorry!

Location Mantra – Eat, drink, dance!

Best time – Bucket regatta week 

Stay – Classic at Eden rock or zen at Guanahani.