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Bands of LA

It’s a band – free spirits keeping it together. And a knot or two. Tie it around your hips, your jeans, your dress, jacket, or shower curtain. And let us know if you come up with more ideas! The bands fit every mood, hype every outfit, and will add a bit of California dreaming to your afternoon. Promised. Our bands come in different colors, they are 100 % made in Los Angeles. And yes, all made with love. By the way, the XXX Band is one of our best-sellers. Everyone is going crazy about this band! Get yours today!

About the Founder

Berit Freutel

Bands of L.A. founder Berit Freutel was born in Germany and lived and worked as a journalist and book author in Vienna/Austria. Eleven years ago she moved to Los Angeles and started her own fashion brand, ‘Bands of L.A.’ The idea behind this label is that Los Angeles is a meeting ground where creatives from all over the world come to actualize their dreams, be inspired and grow in its adventurous terrain. Where resilience is often rewarded and the ability to transform and reinvent is a courageous necessary mindset. And as all this is contagious, Berit fell in love with this promising light and as the song goes “You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave!”, Berit does not intend to leave! Her purpose of creating the Bands of L.A. is to tie up the spirit of Los Angeles a little bit, free spirits keeping it together! When you don’t find her working on new ideas, you will find her passionately studying astrology with the goal of becoming a professional astrologer and helping others uncover their path!