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Essentiel by Adele

ESSENTIEL MOISTURE provides potent nutrients every skin type needs to stay healthy and hydrated, including dry, aging and sensitive. Nourish your skin and pamper all parts of your face and body with this multipurpose antioxidant-rich botanical blend of essential oils and extracts. Formulated with Hyaluronic Acid, MSM, Coffee Berry, Raspberry Leaf and other exceptional ingredients that help restore your radiant glow. Indulge your skin and senses!

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About the Founder

Adele Uddo

Adele Uddo is the creator and founder of“Essentiel by Adele, a Malibu based skincare brand that offers an exceptional multipurpose moisturizer made with essential oils and other face-grade ingredients for head-to-toe beauty that nourishes the skin and soul. Their mission is to provide premium quality at an affordable price point while donating a portion of all proceeds to the NOLA Tree Project. Created by parts model, Adele Uddo, Essentiel Moisture simplifies skincare with an inclusive essential product that covers all skin types and tones.”