- M.I.L.A


M.I.L.A. is a “Zeitgeist” fashion label based in the City of Angeles. The designs by Petra Berg are trendy L.A. inspired pieces capturing the lifestyle of music and movie stars living in the city. The collection emphasis on lavish cashmere knits and edgy leather creations with an eye-catching one-of-a-kind quality.

About the Founder

Petra Berg

+Beryll designer Petra Berg comes from a 3 generation fashion family. Born and raised in Austria, she moved to Malibu, California to expand the brand’s success story in Europe to the United States. With its superior quality, trend-setting designs, and understated luxury, Beryll creations are an alchemy of of pure form, function, effortless style and exquisite craftsmanship. At the Los Angeles +Beryll Studio, Berg and her artisan workers used selected materials that get more beautiful with age, materials that get the chance to take on the personalities of their owners.