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Having a convenient all in one, on the go Meditation Toolkit ensures you can create your calm wherever and whenever you need it. Patricia finds that setting up your own little sacred space of calm whether during travel, at your office or home truly inspires and reminds us to keep a grounded, peaceful, compassionate connection with ourselves and others. If you are new to meditation, no worries, included is an easy guide to beginning your practice.

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About the Founder

Patricia Hacker

With a passion to help heal and restore our physical world and all its inhabitants Patricia believes by first focusing on building a compassionate, healthy relationship with self that this is possible. Through her years working with Deepak Chopra, M.D. she witnessed and personally experienced meditation as one of the most transformational tools to achieve that connection and all-inclusive love. Her diverse background of working in fashion, product design, wellness, tech start-ups and education has given her the unique opportunity to collaborate with and learn from world renowned scientists, doctors, artists, technologists, designers and athletes observing various viewpoints and desires. It all brought her back to one point, to achieve a supportive, beneficial societal and therefore ecological transformation, universal connection through gratitude, reflection, respect and love beginning with self was something she wanted to help inspire and felt necessary. Therein began the creation of The Meditation Toolkit and her company World Wellbeing.