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Laurel Canyon Travel Guide - A Day in Hidden in the Hillside

 - Laurel Canyon Travel Guide - A Day in Hidden in the Hillside

9am – Wake up in your ever so comfy silk PJs to the birds chirping and the fresh mountain air. Start your day off at the right frequency tuning in with the Lovetuner. 

10am – Make your way down the hill to the iconic Laurel Canyon Country Store nestled by the mountains sitting right beside the historical Love Street, where Jim Morrison spent his days. 

11am – Enjoy a coffee and a delicious pastry from Lily’s Coffee cart right out front! Take some time to reflect and journal while you enjoy your breakfast. 

12pm – Want to see LA in all its glory? Take a scenic drive along Mulholland and enjoy all the incredible views of the city while taking in the beautiful day. 

2pm – Explore the canyon up close and walk one of the many magical hikes below Mulholland. Explore all the creeks, hills, and nature the canyon has to offer. Don’t forget to stay hydrated and remember your sunblock

5pm – Unwind with a peaceful meditation and reflection after all your exploring. The Meditation Toolkit comes in handy! 

7pm – Getting hungry? Book a table at Pace, the cozy, delicious and well adored Italian restaurant hidden under the Canyon Country store. Feel like staying in? Get some pizzas delivered! You won’t be disappointed. 

10pm – Unwind and get ready for bed after a long and inspiring day in the magical canyon. 

What you really need – Some vintage boots, some good jeans, and your favorite pair of funky sunglasses.

Forget – formal clothes, it’s all about hippy chic. 

Bonus factor – the ability to dress effortlessly chic and cool.

Location Mantra – Go with the flow!

Best time – Fall 

Stay – with friends or a cool airbnb