- Magic of I.

Magic of I.

Magic of I. is a collection of beautiful esoteric journals created sustainably with Vegan Leather by designer and creator Kerry Kershaw .

“Our purpose is to share tools of interconnectedness, to live with awareness in alignment with the earth and the cosmos.” – Kerry

About the Founder

Kerry Kershaw

An ever-curious creative, lover, and student of the moon, stars and cycles, Kerry has been an artist and designer for over 15 years obsessed with the unseen energies that govern our world. Bringing her gifts, passions, and wisdom together, Kerry created Magic of I. The Magic of ‘Incarnation’ is a celebration of being alive and gratitude for every moment in our temporary human bodies. She has created navigational tools that inspire us to be present in life, to reach our greatest potential, and to help navigate the soul on it’s journey, through beautiful practical art.