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Am Punkt

“am Punkt”, in English “at the point” was launched in spring 2021, in Vienna. “At the point” because each season we create a limited edition of only 150 pieces. The fabric, consisting of natural fibers, was developed exclusively for “am Punkt” according to my design specifications by a renowned local fabric producer. They are all a 50% cotton and 50% linen blend, coated (water repellent) and with mildew protection, UV protection, etc. The natural nature of the fabric makes the parasol less susceptible to wind, as natural fibers are basically wind permeable.
About the Founder

Patricia Santer

Patricia Santer, born and raised in Austria, is the creator of the “am Punkt” luxury umbrellas. She studied marketing and advertisement in Munich, Germany. Her journey at the path of fashion and design started at the age of 25 during a New York trip. In spring of 2021, she launched “am Punkt”, which means “at the point”. Each Luxury umbrella is individually made in Austria bringing color to life and are a contemporary answer to the connection between tradition and design. With refreshingly new product designs, “am Punkt” shows how innovative, sustainable Austrian quality can look and that everyone can make a small contribution to a more conscious approach to the environment and consumption, at the point of our time!