Meet the Founder

Petra Berg

Petra Berg is a mother of two beautiful kids and a serial entrepreneur, and she's determined to build a brighter future for women all around the world. Born and raised in Austria, she moved to Malibu, California, to expand the brand’s success story. Petra believes that connectivity is key to uplifting women worldwide. She tirelessly works to bridge gaps, whether they are cultural, economic, or social, and strives to create networks and platforms where women can come together, share their stories, and find common ground. By fostering connections, Petra aims to build a strong community of women who can support and uplift one another.


The idea behind My Bodhi is to generate a platform in the fields of body, mind and spirit from women to women featuring products, concepts and collaborations to generate connectivity, understanding, healing, empowerment and growth in an environment defined by love, laughter and compassion.

My Bodhi - Stronger, together
The Circle

Stronger, together

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