- +Beryll


Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, +Beryll is a brand built on authentic craftsmanship and timeless design. Quality is the main characteristic of each +Beryll piece, and is undeniably present in the hand-stitched details and hand-finished fabrics of the collection. Fine materials such as Italian cashmere and organic cotton, are hand-selected by the designer and brought to the studio where quality +Beryll designs are formed by the hands of artisan workers

About the Founder

Petra Berg

+Beryll designer Petra Berg comes from a 3 generation fashion family. Born and raised in Austria, she moved to Malibu, California to expand the brand’s success story in Europe to the United States. With its superior quality, trend-setting designs, and understated luxury, Beryll creations are an alchemy of of pure form, function, effortless style and exquisite craftsmanship. At the Los Angeles +Beryll Studio, Berg and her artisan workers used selected materials that get more beautiful with age, materials that get the chance to take on the personalities of their owners.