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Honor every day the unique and transformative power of feminine energy. 

Tamra Copper Bottles are hand crafted in India using the highest quality copper available. They have been tested and contain no Lead or Cadmium. Copper is inherently antimicrobial which makes it the cleanest water bottle you can buy.

Create alkaline water naturally by storing filtered water in your a Tamra Copper Water  Bottle. 

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About the Founder

Cheryl & Donna Freeman

Sisters Cheryl and Donna Freeman are the design partners behind theFFS, an accessories studio based in Los Angeles and Miami. Cheryl is also the owner of Tamra Copper LA, a line of Ayurvedic Copper Water Bottles and other handcrafted goods imported from India. Before they joined creative forces in 2011, they garnered over 20 years of experience in the fashion industry, initially as print and runway models in New York and London. Their creations express the dynamic contrasts inherent in their working process: each brings to the table a creative vision fueled by individual self-expression. Cheryl is a formally trained designer and approaches her work with an exactitude of construction and considerations of color and proportion. Donna’s process is more intuitive, drawing unexpected inspiration from both the spiritual and earthly worlds.