Presents For Your Sister: Gorgeous, Useful, Perfect

 - best birthday gift for sisters

They say there’s no bond like the one between sisters. And honestly, facts! Whether she’s your chosen bestie who just so happens to be related to you or your polar opposite who gets on your nerves from time to time (but you love her anyway)—your relationship with your sister may just be the longest one of your life.

Birthday gift ideas

You’ve grown up together and have been there for every one of her childhood birthdays, but as you get older it can become tricky to know what to get your sister for her birthday. Even if your sister is your best friend and the person you turn to for advice, once you get busy with your own lives you may not stay up to date with the little things in her life like, does she need new shoes, is her handbag worn out, does she need a water bottle? 

The best birthday gifts for sisters should show how much you appreciate her as a person, which means you should consider all her unique qualities and interests when shopping. Here are some suggestions for special birthday gifts for sisters:

  • Vegan leather journal: a lush vegan leather diary you'll find at MY BODHI - a beautiful, stand-alone journal for all the sketches and journal entries she'll want to capture in the course of her wedding and beyond.
  • Trendy shoulder bag: Spoil her with a luxury leather fringe bag like the Cher from MILA you can find on MY BODHI. She can combine this bag with every outfit because it is stylish and functional at the same time.
  • Handcrafted hair wreath: Nebo v Kvitah Victoria Tiara by MY BODHI, a handcrafted hair wreath made from metal wire, and transparent crystals in flower shapes. This is the perfect accessory for her special day or any day she wants to feel special.
  • Organic skin care products: Made with highly effective blends of sustainably harvested rainforest superfoods that revitalize and regenerate you, your skin and the rainforest. These are the natural beauty products of Teadora - you can find them on MY BODHI.

Gift ideas for a sister

Having a sister is like having a best friend for life. And when it comes to buying a gift for your sister, you want to make sure whatever you pick is just as special as she is. Depending on your closeness, you probably already have a good idea of what she likes and doesn’t like. If you need additional tips, check out the list below:

  • Belt: A band - like the unique ones from Bands of LA at MY BODHI - that you can tie around your hips, jeans, dress, jacket or shower curtain. It goes with any mood, spices up any outfit.
  • Luxury dress: The Kasia Kulenty dresses you can find on MY BODHI are artfully hand cut, sewn, braided and individually dyed. Each gown embodies comfort in luxury. 
  • The unique T-Shirt: Hand-embroidered shirts from Plantula Garden you can find online on MY BODHI will make her smile.
  • Stylish boots: The comfort boots of choice for A-list stars such as Gwyneth Paltrow and Cameron Diaz, Mou boots have a uniquely look with a distinctly maverick spirit. They are warm, durable and sensually soft. 

Useful gifts 

When you have a sister, you have a built-in best friend, partner in crime, therapist, chauffeur — you name it, your sister will do it or be it for you (even if she's rolling her eyes the whole time). It's hard to say thanks to someone who has always had your back but getting her a unique and useful gift is a good start. Whether she's older or younger, these useful gifts for sisters have something for every sis.

  • Copper water bottle: She can make alkaline water naturally by keeping filtered water in this copper water bottle. Alkaline water is thus produced naturally. The Tamra ayurvedic copper bottle you can find on MY BODHI is inherently antimicrobial which makes it the cleanest water bottle you can buy. 
  • Feeling safe: The Birdie a colorful personal safety alarm made for women, by women has a 130db alarm and flashing strobe light designed to deter an attack. Activate Birdie to create a diversion and bring all eyes on you. When you feel safe, reinsert the Top to deactivate the alarm.
  • Travel Poncho: This oversized womens poncho sweater from MY BODHI is the ultimate piece of comfort. It is made of 100% cashmere and can be worn over skinny jeans, leggings or a maxi dress.
  • Luxury sunglasses: With the ZUMA or the WAYNE of the +BERYLL luxury collection you find at MY BODHI her eyes will be perfectly protected, and as a bonus she will also make a fashion statement!