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Chic And Modern Ideas To Wear A Poncho

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Ponchos are super comfy and cozy. It is something that every woman will appreciate. As a wardrobe staple in women's clothing, ponchos are both wearable and beautiful. They are effortlessly stylish and can amp up your style game. They are easy to wear, practical and go with almost any outfit. So, bring on the poncho, and let's go!

What is a cashmere poncho?

A poncho is essentially a small blanket-like garment with a neck opening (and sometimes stitching for wide arm openings). Ponchos made of cashmere –a fiber obtained from fine-haired cashmere goats – are timeless. Especially because cashmere products are so light, they are suitable for layering and fit into any bag like the Travel ponchos by MY BODHI you can find online. You can wear cashmere ponchos simply, always and everywhere. Not without reason they are popular and very trendy! Oversized cashmere ponchos are the ultimate piece of comfort. They have a super soft feel and are incredibly cozy. Cashmere ponchos are the perfect companion. 

How to wear a poncho?

Ponchos for women are popular garments that have evolved over time. They are cozy and comfortable outerwear pieces that can look especially chic when styled in the right way. Whether you’re going out on a date with your beau, touring a winery with your friends, heading on beach vacations, or warming up during the winter holidays.

1. With Jeans

A universal favorite, the combination of a poncho over a pair of jeans and a shirt is one you can’t go wrong with. Since a poncho is naturally oversized, a pair of fitted jeans looks better than boyfriend jeans when you wear a poncho. If you want to take the look up a notch, dress up the ensemble with leather ankle boots for a modern, minimal, and neutral vibe.

2. With a Dress

Wear a neutral cashmere poncho over a midi-length body con dress and add a pair of neutral pumps and a small clutch or crossbody bag. This outfit is perfect for fall occasions or dinner dates. For a slightly warmer fall look, you can also swap out the pumps for knee-high boots. Black combat boots give the look a more laid-back vibe.

3. As a Dress

If you have a poncho that is large enough and reaches mid-thigh, you can style it like a mini dress by tying a belt around your waist. Wear stockings or shorts and a tank top under your poncho dress for more coverage. Pair it with suede boots for the perfect layered look.

4. With Leggings

This look is all about creating a visual balance. Leggings are fitted and ponchos are looser, so this look works for every body type and is a style for any occasion! 

5. Over a sweater

Wearing a poncho over a sweater is a great way to skip the coat and go for a lighter layer that can be just as warm. Don’t be afraid to try this style. Especially if it’s a cold and sunny winter day when you won’t miss your coat.

6. With a belt

This poncho look is all about accentuating the waist with a thin or chunky belt. This will give your waist definition. It’s best to pair the belt and poncho combo with fitted bottoms that are snug against your legs. You can opt for leggings, jeans, or leather pants. Don’t forget to accessorize this outfit with boots, a crossbody bag and you’re all set.

What to wear under a poncho?

Because a poncho is an outerwear piece and open and flowy by design, it’s best to layer a poncho over other clothing. Here are the best clothing options to wear under a poncho:

  • A knit sweater or t-shirt. For a cool day go with a knit sweater with a poncho layered over top. On a warmer day, stick with a basic t-shirt.
  • Sweater dress. For an elevated evening look in the fall or winter, layer a poncho over a midi-length sweater dress that fits snugly against your body.
  • Swimsuit. If you have a light poncho made of linen or cotton, you can wear it as a cover-up over a swimsuit.
  • Tank top, camisole, or bralette. For summer days you can wear a lightweight poncho with something simple such as a cami, tank, or bralette. This can also give great summer festival vibes.

Are ponchos in style for 2022?

Yes! It all comes down to how you wear one. In 2022 a poncho can easily elevate a pair of leather pants, straight-leg jeans, and black leggings. We recommend going with a neutral look when wearing a poncho in 2022 to keep the style timeless and chic.

A camel poncho looks excellent with vintage wash jeans and ankle boots. Or you can layer a poncho over a sleek body con dress with a pair of knee-high boots. For a casual look try a poncho over leggings with a pair of sneakers.

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