How To Buy Gifts For Women – Useful Tips

 - How To Buy Gifts For Women – Useful Tips

Women love gifts, whether on their birthday, anniversary, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day or just because. Women like small attentions every now and then. 

What gifts do women like?

Every woman loves gifts that touch her or simply inspire her. You definitely can’t go wrong with these meaningful women gifts:

Wellness: Rest and relaxation are good for everyone. Just give away a few sensual minutes so that she can switch off from everyday stress. 

A Journal: Almost every woman likes to keep a diary. It makes for more gratitude and self-love, but above all for more serenity and mindfulness. Diary owners live more consciously and organize their everyday life more positively in a hectic society. This way you give away more time for yourself!

Something silky: In a kimono you will feel comfortable, beautiful and luxurious. It is the perfect outfit for any occasion and one of the best gifts you can buy online, for example at MY BODHI.

Tips for buying gifts

You will not believe how simple it is to buy her a gift she will really love, just follow these 5 tips to give her something that will make her eyes light up.

1. Listen – She will tell you what she wants/likes even if she doesn’t realize. Some phrases worth listening out for are:

  • I’m nearly out of …
  • My boots are starting to look really worn
  • I really like …

2. Think about her as a person – Write down in a list what you know about her. You’ll be surprised how much difference this makes when shopping for a gift. For example, if you know she has a lot of jewelry, she may need something to store it in, such as a jewelry box. This way you can explain to her why you bought her this gift and shows her that you are paying attention. 

3. Buy her a simple gift but make it unique – It is important when buying gifts to make sure you give her something she will love and use. Have the gift personalized with a special message or meaningful date. This will show that not only have you thought about what she likes, but you’ve taken that information to a whole new level to make sure you put a genuine smile on her face.

4. Don’t buy her something mundane – spoil her! The key to getting her a gift she will love is buying something that spoils her. Any woman likes knowing someone loves her enough to really put effort into her gift and buy her something special.

5. The gift doesn’t have to be a ‘gift’ – If there is something you think she may enjoy doing it’s possible that an experience day or weekend away may be a better gift for her than a new pan. 

Do’s and don’ts of buying presents for her

1. DO Keep it Simple: Whatever you plan to buy her – whether it’s jewelry, cosmetics, home décor, or clothing – make sure that you get a versatile version of the item and keep it simple. This will allow her to customize the item and how she uses it, which means that she’ll be much more likely to use it well.

2. DON’T Just Guess: One of the worst things you can do when it comes to giving a gift is making assumptions. Do some research. You can ask friends or do a bit of online searching 

3. DO Ask Around: So, if you shouldn’t guess what the woman in your life wants, how do you find out what she might like? The safest bet is to ask around to her friends and family members. They will probably be able to help you find the perfect way to give her something wonderful.

4. DON’T Wait Till the Last Minute: Don’t wait until the last minute, plan ahead. You can never go wrong with buying unique gifts online and even if you end up getting it a few months early, you’ll be sure to have exactly the right gift. 

5. DO Give Something Practical: Most women have a running list in their head of things that they need – or at least really, really want. These are practical things that can make life simpler. If you gift something that she can use every day like tech items, kitchen appliances, or even a better version of something that she uses often but is getting worn out will brighten her life. 

What types of gifts for women are there?

Great women deserve unique gifts. Here are the perfect meaningful gifts for women:

1. Fashion: cashmere poncho for example is a perfect match of luxury, elegance and comfort. It’s the perfect companion on all your travels, at home or at work.

2. Beauty: A luxurious moisturizer like the Essentiel Moisture Bundle, as seen at MY BODHI, pampers your skin and senses!

3. Wellbeing: meditation toolkit on the go ensures that you can find your peace wherever and whenever you need it.

4. Nutrition: The How To Eat Vegan For 30 Days: A Daily Guide is a daily, step by step cookbook to finding one’s way to a healthier lifestyle.