Birthday Present Ideas That Are Special

Birthday Present Ideas That Are Special

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Whenever someone you know is having a birthday, you always want to be able to find the perfect birthday gift. Finding unique birthday present ideas doesn’t have to be difficult.

Unique Birthday present ideas

A birthday is not every day. But in the course of the year several birthday invitations flutter into your house – and each time the brooding about the right birthday gift begins? The birthday gift should be unique, personal and original – not so easy to find something suitable! Below you will find unique birthday gifts for your girlfriend, mother and sister that are not off the shelf and are guaranteed to please the lucky recipient for a long time.

What is the best Birthday gift for girlfriend?

Finding the best birthday gifts for your girlfriend is a difficult task. Even if she seems to have everything, it’s hard to find a thoughtful, tasteful gift that isn’t just a red rose or a coffee mug that says “I love you”. It’s time to browse and give her something special to show her how much you care. Here are some unique finds: 

Handcrafted hair wreath: A timeless piece making milestone moments like birthdays, weddings or any other celebration, even more special. The Nebo v Kvitah hair wreaths on MY BODHI show that a woman can always be beautiful and shine in her radiance. This is the perfect accessory for a special day or any day day you want to feel special. It is an amazing gift! 

Luxury dress: The Kasia Kulenty dresses you can find on MY BODHI are artfully hand-cut, sewn, braided and individually dyed. Each gown embodies comfort in luxury. Your girlfriend will absolutely love them!

Skincare: Your girlfriend will surely love a clean and high-performance skincare line that combines cutting-edge biotech with tried and true naturals, like the Circcell Skincare products you can find on MY BODHI.

Meditation lover: If your girlfriend meditates, the Meditation Toolkit from MY BODHI is a unique gift for her. It includes a scented candle, a heart stone, a aromatherapy roll-on and meditation cards.

Silk Kimono: MY BODHIs unique Pythia kimonos are the perfect outfit for any occasion. Your girlfriend will love the vintage style eco-friendly unisex silk kimonos that make a woman feel comfortable and beautiful!

What to gift your mother on her Birthday?

Moms are the world’s unsung heroes. Each mom deserves the perfect gift for their birthday—or on any random day of the year, just to show them they’re loved. Here are some ideas for unique gifts for mom that are bound to make her smile:

Leather bag: Spoil your mum with a luxury leather fringe bag like the Cher from MILA you can find on MY BODHI. She can combine this bag to every outfit because it is stylish and functional at the same time.

Cashmere: A luxurious cashmere wrap scarf that she can wear around her neck or drape around her shoulder –the perfect layering piece over nearly every outfit for extra comfort. Find the perfect cashmere piece from +BERYLL at MY BODHI. 

Luxury skin care: Your mother will surely love CA & LE Cosmetics. The products activate the self-regeneration of the skin and support the cells with fresh energy. The Age Reset Cream for example is a unique anti-wrinkle cream and stimulates collagen formation in the skin.

Alternative to coffee: Show your mother a different way to energize with Rasa tonics by MY BODHI. The adaptogens nourish adrenals and reduce the impacts of stress while they energize. 

Birthday present ideas for sister

Having a sister is like having a built-in best friend for life. And when it comes to buying a gift for your sister, you want to make sure whatever you pick is just as special as she is. Depending on your closeness, you probably already have a good idea of what she likes and doesn’t like. If you need additional tips, check out the list below:

The unique T-Shirt: Hand-embroidered shirts from Plantula Garden and dresses you can find online on MY BODHI will make her smile.

Belt: A band – like the unique ones from Bands of LA at MY BODHI – that you can tie around your hips, jeans, dress, jacket or shower curtain. It goes with any mood, spices up any outfit.

Plant based skin and hair care: Made with highly effective blends of sustainably harvested rainforest superfoods that revitalize and regenerate you, your skin and the rainforest. These are the natural beauty products of Teadora – you can find them on MY BODHI.

Copper water bottle: Create alkaline water naturally by storing filtered water in your copper water bottle. Alkaline water can be created naturally. The Tamra ayurvedic copper bottle you can find on MY BODHI is inherently antimicrobial which makes it the cleanest water bottle you can buy. 

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