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Mist - Courage -
About the Founder

Katja Schmolka

Twenty years ago, after the unexpected loss of her beloved mother, a Shaman Healer in Vienna helped Katja cope using Ylang Ylang essential oils. The love of natural, clean products, and the empowering, enchanting impact of floral & herbal scents inspired Katja to create her own brand: the Scent Clouds line. Mists, soaps, and candles are hand-crafted and combined with intentions—LOVE, PEACE, JOY, COURAGE, and TRUST, among others— the logos painted by her in bold brush strokes. The floral and herbal scent combinations convey different feelings; they lift, calm, inspire, and clear the user’s vibrations. Katja Schmolka lives and creates in Malibu, CA. “Floral & herbal scents simply make you happy. They ignite your spirit & creativity. And when you are happy—you can make other people happy! I call it collective consciousness, which is powerful and truly transforming. ” – Katja Schmolka

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