Hello Goldie

Hello Goldie products make having a good day to your new normal. Enjoy a piece of paradise in a cup, catch a breath, and let the sunshine in! Hello Goldie was born under the warm sun, with the sounds of waves crashing and palm trees swaying in the heart of California. We’ve curated a special assortment of approachable uplifting goodies made with HIGH-quality, FEEL-good ingredients for you  to experience sunshine throughout your day. Our favorite daytime pick-me-ups and sleepytime essentials — full of adaptogens, antioxidants, and a pinch of sunshine in every drop.



ODNOVA’s  mission is to inspire everyone to take an active role in making every-day conscious and informed choices, leading to better health. All products are hand-crafted with purity, integrity, and authenticity.
Science proves that the most optimal nutrient delivery to our body is through food and not pills and capsules. All  traditional philosophy of Ayurveda, Holistic and Chinese medicines guide the principles behind the blends of herbs that together with honey create ODNOVA potions.


The alternative to coffee company Rasa has a personal mission to transform the way people energize. The adaptogens in Rasa nourish adrenals and reduce the impacts of stress while they energize. Whether you continue to drink coffee or not, adding Rasa to your days changes the quality of your energy—which flows out into the quality of your life.

Hallstein Artesian Water

The velvety, crisp taste of Hallstein Artesian Water is an amazing natural phenomenon from a self-sustaining aquifer in the Austrian Alps. An eight-year journey through limestone found only in the Dachstein mountain brings a rare combination of delicious viscosity and healthy mineral balance to this subscription-only beverage. Delivered to your door in recycled glass or BPA-free bottles.

Shauna Walker

How To Eat Vegan For 30 Days: A Daily Guide, is a daily, step by step cookbook to finding one’s way to a vegan lifestyle.
It is written by Shauna Walker; a mother, a wife, a friend, a nutritionist/ food coach, a choreographer, a self-taught cook,
a midwife in training, an avid traveler, and adventurer. Try one of her amazing recipes HERE for free!


Tamra Copper LA

Honor every day the unique and transformative power of feminine energy.

Featuring the Tamra Copper LA water bottle with the goddess symbol engraved. Representing the divine feminine. The Triple Moon Goddess is an ancient pagan symbol that represents the 3 stages of woman: Maiden, Mother, and Crone.

Tamra Copper Bottles are hand crafted in India using the highest quality copper available. They have been tested and contain no Lead or Cadmium. Copper is inherently antimicrobial which makes it the cleanest water bottle you can buy.

Instead of coffee, begin your day with the clean, crisp taste of “tamra jal” (copper water) from a Tamra Copper Water Bottle. Our bottles are designed to benefit your body and spirit.

Create alkaline water naturally by storing filtered water in your a Tamra Copper Water  Bottle. 



Recharge & Reset with our three day detox food plan 

By the time January rolls around, most of us are ready for a little reset. A  moment to wash away any stresses that have run amuck, give our bodies a well  needed rest, and to pamper ourselves in body, mind, and spirit. Prioritizing self  care looks different for everyone, and there’s no wrong way to do it. Spend time  connecting to nature, start your day with a stretch class or morning meditation,  do some journaling, dance, redeem that massage that was gifted to you, or  indulge in some new luxurious body butter. Whatever you decide to do, don’t  forget our most valuable care, delicious, clean eating. Nothing can feel as  luxurious as flushing out our system, and this three day detox is easy, simple,  and delicious. No need to starve. Give yourself a day or two before to gather  your food supplies so you can glide into it without any worries. And if possible,  always buy organic.

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