What Is An Akashic Record?

 - What Is An Akashic Record?

Also called your “soul book,” your akashic record is a spiritual “data base” of sorts that not only contains records  and information of your current life but also of all previous lives that you’ve lived. Your akashic record is not  limited to the past; it also gives insight into your true intentions for the future as well as alternative timelines and  possibilities yet to be explored by your present self.  

Akashic records go beyond the individual soul book; there is thought to be a universal Akashic record of universal  thoughts and experiences- a “collective consciousness” of all that is and has ever been. Akashic record reading is a  practice that originates from theosophical tradition and the philosophical school of anthroposophy.  

What can you learn from your Akashic record? 

Receiving an Akashic record reading can be a spiritually awakening experience. Akashic record readings are intended to aid you in better understanding your own true intentions and the infinite possibility of the future. These  readings help open the mind to alternate paths from the life journey you are currently taking, and how your past,  present, and future self are intimately connected to the choices you make. You may learn that the world as you have  been perceiving it is only a glimpse of your true reality.  

How does one access Akashic records? 

Typically, spiritual healers or advisors can provide Akashic record reading online services, as their minds are trained to be open to energetic fields that are usually not perceptible to one who has not experienced a spiritual awakening. Some practices involve opening communication with the Akashic records through a recitation of prayer, while others use meditation practices in order to become receptive to Akashic insight. 

Benefits of receiving an Akashic record reading:  

  1. Spiritual development and awakening  
  2. Guidance in relationships: familial, friendships, or romantic  
  3. Understanding your thoughts, emotions, and behavioral habits  
  4. Influence of previous lives on your current life 
  5. What a current situation, life experience is intended to teach you  
  6. Reasons for health problems, physical or mental, and how to address them  
  7. Finding life’s purpose, and how to fulfill it  

As you begin to understand your Akashic records by My Bodhi, you will inevitably pursue deeper fundamental questions about  yourself and our collective consciousness. The desire to pursue such answers is indicative of a spiritual awakening,  which is key to living a balanced and fulfilling life.