The Perfect Guide For Wedding Gifts

 - Finding the perfect wedding gift online

Finding the perfect wedding gift can seem like a task. Even though the bride and groom are the centers of attention, weddings can be stressful for attendees, especially when you have no idea what to get for someone who has everything. Here’s a quick guide to wedding gifts.

What is a Wedding Gift?

Wedding gifts are given because they are a token of appreciation and a gesture of one’s best wishes to the newlyweds. Gift-giving in itself is a practical way to show appreciation for the bride and groom. A wedding gift should not be thought of as a payment for attending a wedding or compensation for all the expenses that the bride and groom spent on the wedding and reception. 

Rather, it’s an expression of regard for the couple. Wedding gifts are significant to the newlyweds and can be very memorable too. Guests might want to consider the ethnic background or certain traditions of the bride and the groom. This idea may help to pick a gift that is more meaningful than others.  

In Japan, for example, it is traditional for wedding guests to provide a monetary gift in a stylized or fancy envelope. In many European countries, gift giving to the newlywed means prosperity and brings certain luck. No doubt that newlyweds look forward to receiving presents.  Whatever you gift, as long as it’s heartfelt and accompanied by a personally penned card of special, sweet wishes to the couple you can’t go wrong.

Wedding gift ideas for women

With the rise of gift registries—and, more recently, honeymoon funds—the sentiment behind a wedding gift for her doesn’t always shine through. While you can go the standard route with champagne glasses for all the toasts ahead, it’s a bit more fun to surprise her with something you know she’ll love—and we’re betting you know her better than (almost) anyone. Here are some suggestions for wedding gift for her:

  • Vegan leather journal: a lush vegan leather diary you'll find at MY BODHI - a beautiful, stand-alone journal for all the sketches and journal entries she'll want to capture in the course of her wedding and beyond .
  • Leather bag: Spoil her with a luxury leather fringe bag like the Cher from MILA you can find on MY BODHI. She can combine this bag to every outfit  because it is stylish and functional at the same time.
  • The unique T-Shirt: Hand-embroidered shirts from Plantula Garden you can find online on MY BODHI will make her smile.

Best gifts for a bride

All gifts for a bride are perfect as long as they’re not suggestive, unwelcome, or too personal. The goal is simply for the bride to love the gift, and, hopefully, use it more than just once. To make them feel special, always give them something up close and personal, items that they’d love to use. Enhance their style statement with some fashion-forward gifts.

Brides particularly appreciate the gifts that pamper and help them de-stress, or ones that aid them in preparation during this typically-stressful time. So, the bride-to-be deserves something special that's made just for her. Here’s a list of items that you could pick from to make your wedding gift stand out! 

  • Handcrafted hair wreath: Nebo v Kvitah Victoria Tiara by MY BODHI, a handcrafted hair wreath made from metal wire, transparent crystals in flower shapes. This is the perfect accessory for her special day or any day she wants to feel special.
  • Luxury dress: The Kasia Kulenty dresses you can find on MY BODHI are artfully hand cut, sewn, braided and individually dyed. Each gown embodies comfort in luxury. 
  • Cashmere: A luxurious +BERYLL cashmere wrap scarf at MY BODHI to wear around the neck or drape around the shoulder –the perfect layering piece over nearly every outfit. 
  • Silk Kimono: MY BODHIs unique Pythia kimonos are the perfect outfit for any occasion. The vintage style eco-friendly unisex silk kimonos make a woman feel comfortable and beautiful!

Useful gifts for women

Whether you're shopping for your girlfriendwifegrandma, or mom, finding the perfect gift for her is no easy task. After all, there isn't a one-gift-fits-all for every woman out there, so it's important to take the time to find the right one. These great gifts for women are fun, useful, unique, meaningful high-quality picks she wants:

  • Skincare: A clean and powerful skincare line that combines cutting-edge biotechnology with proven natural beauty products, like the Circcell Skincare products you'll find on MY BODHI, make a great and useful gift for her.
  • Plant-based skin and hair care: Made with highly effective blends of sustainably harvested rainforest superfoods that revitalize and regenerate you, your skin, and the rainforest. These are the natural beauty products of Teadora - you can find them on MY BODHI.
  • Meditation lover: The Meditation Toolkit from MY BODHI is a unique gift for her. It includes a scented candle, a heart stone, an aromatherapy roll-on, and meditation cards.