Pleasure is Your Nature. Foria is here to help you have really good sex & more of it. The kind that makes you feel juicy, deeply nourished, and fully alive. Foria believes in the healing power of sexual pleasure. Their joy and mission is to create life-changing plant-based sexual wellness formulas for your most intimate needs.  The formulas support transformational life experiences, with the most innovative, clean, and effective ingredients available. The sexual needs of women have been overlooked and under-addressed for too long. Foria is working to change that story every day.


Fleur Marché

Fleur Marche, a cannabis apothecary, showcases the many health benefits, hemp has to offer. The fun, plant-powered patches offer either extra energy, restful sleep, pain relief or better sex! Easy to handle, always available – just patch them on your wrist and let the powerful plant ingredients do their work!



Feeling uncomfortable? Trust your gut. Activate Birdie to create a diversion and bring all eyes on you. Pull the Top to start the LOUD siren and flashing strobe light. When you feel safe, reinsert the Top to deactivate the alarm.
Easy to use // Peace of mind // Non-Violent// Travel Safe
No more struggling with pepper spray or tasers. Just pull the Birdie alarm to activate. Anyone can use Birdie, from young children to grandparents. We hope that you never have to use her, but you can feel safer knowing that you have Birdie on your keychain.
Traditional self-defense tools require you to fight. Birdie is designed to deter attackers by creating a diversion and drawing the attention of anyone near you. Unlike pepper spray and tasers, you can take Birdie with you wherever you go.


L. Angels

There is no magic formula for finding the love of your life or your true purpose or even inner peace. But there is a way to get in touch with your very soul: Rituals powered by intention are our lifeline to the divine. Using symbols and sacred tools feels magical and really can make miracles happen. It’s called manifestation: Our soul wants to create what we wish for. Our Ritual Kits help you get there The simple act of decorating your own little altar, lighting a candle, holding a crystal or smudging sage and smelling the sacred scent puts you in contact with the universal power, that guides and protects us and gets us closer to whatever we dream of. Like meditations, rituals are best done in silence and solitude and with an open heart, but other than that, there are no rules. For it is YOU, that is the light and the love.



The Lovetuner is a revolutionary mindfulness tool that aligns you with the 528hz frequency, the vibration of love. In music it means adjusting the pitch of a tone. In humans it means adjusting your emotional and physical state to align with your environment – literally tuning in and harmonizing with yourself and what is around you. The Lovetuner has a profound effect on the body, mind and spirit. Designed for all ages, it allows individuals to reduce stress and anxiety within a couple of breaths. Just like darkness cannot exist in a room of light, stress and anxiety cannot exist in this frequency.

Tuning is a very simple and easy way to practice mindfulness through deep breathing exercises. It connects your breath with a low volume audible sound and the frequency of 528hz – also referred to as the Love Frequency. When played together it allows people to experience the feeling of equality and unity.

“We want to inspire a global community to come together in harmony for a more loving togetherness.” 
by Petra Berg, My Bodhi Founder


The Meditation Toolkit

Having a convenient all in one, on the go Meditation Toolkit ensures you can create your calm wherever and whenever you need it. Patricia finds that setting up your own little sacred space of calm whether during travel, at your office or home truly inspires and reminds us to keep a grounded, peaceful, compassionate connection with ourselves and others. If you are new to meditation, no worries, included is an easy guide to beginning your practice.

Inner peace is the new success

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