For Berit, Astrology is art.  She believes it is a creative, magical dance between the astrologer and the client. A bit rebellious, playful, colorful, outside of the box.

Always being passionate about astrology, Berit began her studies with Dr. Craig Martin at his LA School of Astrology, then furthered her education with Tony Howard at his Astrology University, working on graduating from the 4-year program in 2023. 

For Berit, Astrology is about awareness. She encourages her clients to ask questions and wants to help to navigate your deepest oceans, see yourself and others from differently.

The Uranian Approach

BERIT Freutel

Amber Baker

Akashic Records Reader



After a near death experience (NDE), Amber experienced an awakening, rebirth, and resurrection. Having communicated with spirit and angels her whole life, Amber fully stepped into her purpose as a medium and Akashic Records Reader. Her passion is to help others awaken their souls divine plan, to live your destiny in joy and freedom of expression.

Amber currently offers virtual readings one on one, small groups on topics on personal or business matters.



This spiritual technique using tarot cards to relay information to the card reader has been used over the past 300 years. It’s a fun and informative way to ask questions about situations you feel you are stuck with or as a help to guide you through various changes in live. This one hour reading with Julie Vaden is done over the phone or zoom.

Tarot Readings

Julie Vaden

Inner peace is the new success

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