Plantula Garden

PLANTULA garden is a story of two girlfriends who came together over their shared love of creating beautiful things and supporting women.This evolved into Cats With A Heart Mexico Foundation, where formerly incarcerated women receive training and employment. All PLANTULA Garden flowers are hand embroidered with love and care by offering a garden of second chances for women that never had a chance before.


Pythia is a line of unisex Eco-friendly clothing made from vintage silk, designed to make you feel comfortable, beautiful and respectful of nature. These one of a kind, Kimonos are the perfect outfit for any occasion. Free from any pattern, fashion rules or seasonal guidelines, all pieces are handmade with love in India. Pythia is part of a social movement that started in with the aim of supporting and empowering a whole chain of families from India to Brazil and encouraging their children to go to school.

My Bodhi

It’s started as a fun idea – to create super comfy but luxe feel T-shirts with relevant messages for the modern woman of today. The idea has turned into a product and we are thrilled to showcase edit 1 of the My Bodhi T-shirt line. Pick & choose them as you feel – confident, dreamy, like dancing or taking a break. Amazing gift idea!

Kasia Kulenty

Inspired by the rich hues and centuries long weathering of walls in the Yucatán, each Kasia Kulenty gown embodies comfort in luxury, and is dedicated to the empowerment of both the wearer and creator of each cotton gown.

Every piece of this collection is a true example of mindful slow fashion, requiring a minimum of 12 meters of airy cotton that is artfully hand cut, sewn, braided and then individually dyed by spirited local artisans.

Bands of LA

It’s a band – free spirits keeping it together. And a knot or two. Tie it around your hips, your jeans, your dress, jacket, or shower curtain. And let us know if you come up with more ideas! The bands fit every mood, hype every outfit, and will add a bit of California dreaming to your afternoon. Promised. Our bands come in different colors, they are 100 % made in Los Angeles. And yes, all made with love. By the way, the XXX Band is one of our best-sellers. Everyone is going crazy about this band! Get yours today!


Born in a small village in Southern Austria, Sabine Gregori grew up with old traditions and customs and a burning curiosity about the world beyond the Alps. After studying fashion design and ethnology and art history she travelled the world in search for tribal “fashion” and lived among indigenous people to study their art, rituals, ceremonies, and making off traditional costumes.


M.I.L.A. is a “Zeitgeist” fashion label based in the City of Angeles. The designs by Petra Berg are trendy L.A. inspired pieces capturing the lifestyle of music and movie stars living in the city. The collection emphasis on lavish cashmere knits and edgy leather creations with an eye-catching one-of-a-kind quality. 

My Bodhi

These best selling Travel Ponchos are made out of 100 % Cashmere, super soft feel and incredible cozy. A perfect match of luxury, elegance and comfort, these ponchos are the perfect companion on all your travels, at home or at work.


Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, Beryll is a brand built on authentic craftsmanship and timeless design. Quality is the main characteristic of each Beryll piece, and is undeniably present in the hand-stitched details and hand-finished fabrics of the collection. Fine materials such as Italian cashmere and organic cotton, are hand-selected by the designer and brought to the studio where quality Beryll designs are formed by the hands of artisan workers

Join The Circle

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