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Dr. Christara Avaness


Holistic Medicine

Dr. Christara Avaness takes an Integrative Lifestyle approach in her LA-based practice. By recognizing each person’s unique bioenergetic matrix, she customizes protocol integrating multiple modalities including high-enzyme nutrition and phytoceuticals. Dr. Avaness is inspired by the healing power of nature and recognizes consciousness as the essential element in our awakening, evolution, and healing. Her dedicated mission is to inspire health and wellbeing through her Integrative Lifestyle wellness movement.


Dance Inspiration

Dancing is an ancient form of moving energy, loosing blockades and free body, mind and spirit. With these daily dance inspirations we want to inspire woman to take a break, feel into music and their body and dance! The goal is to let go of disabling believes  and expectations.  “Dancing is freeing our authentic self.” Shauna Walker. 

Dance Inspiration

Shauna Walker


Mona Therese Winston



This is a daily inspiration for your Yoga practice. You can be a beginner, intermediate or export – find your own way into this 50 min long practice of mindfulness with Mona Therese Winston. Private sessions are also available online.


Optimal Hydration

The velvety, crisp taste of Hallstein Artesian Water is an amazing natural phenomenon from a self-sustaining aquifer in the Austrian Alps. An eight-year journey through limestone found only in the Dachstein mountain brings a rare combination of delicious viscosity and healthy mineral balance to this subscription-only beverage. Delivered to your door in recycled glass or BPA-free bottles.


Perfected By Nature

Paloma Saboya

Pilates Instructor



Pilates is life! 

It gives you strength, stretch and control of your body and mind while working your posture in a lifted, beautiful and powerful way. 

It’s an attitude towards life that I embrace to myself and deeply love to teach others. I’m proud to currently be an instructor at the premier classical studio in Los Angeles,CA, Winsor Choza Pilates

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