Petra Berg, Founder

Petra Berg, the founder and creator of My Bodhi, is engaged and working successfully in the fields of art, design, fashion, finance, politics, health, beauty, and mindfulness for the past 30 years. Along her journey, she has witnessed women all over the world, who are helping to facilitate the success of others, while not investing the same energy and effort in their own careers and well-being.

With her dedication, knowledge, and experience, Petra’s calling is to encourage women to make their own success stories happen. Collaborations are a key factor to combine creativity, talent, and passion with a working business model to achieve both – personal gratification AND financial success.

If not traveling, Petra lives in sunny Malibu, CA.


The idea behind My Bodhi is to generate a platform in the fields of body, mind and spirit from women to women featuring products, concepts and collaborations to generate connectivity, understanding, healing, empowerment and growth in an environment defined by love, laughter and compassion. 

Stronger, together

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